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Lawnly is different than many of the lead generation services you may have experienced (Angie's List, HomeAdvisor, Craigslist) and here's why:

Real Customers

Lawnly only provides real, paying customers. If you see a job posted on Lawnly and decide to accept the work: it's yours! Plus, the price you see is the price you get paid. We don't charge money to bid or ask questions.

Competitive Pay

The average take home pay per mowing job on Lawnly is just under $42. Our customers are homeowners and real estate agents who need on demand lawn care and are willing to pay a premium for fast service.

Your Schedule

We understand you have your own customers and time = money. When new jobs become available, accept the work that makes sense and ignore the stuff that doesn't. Ultimately, you are in charge.

How it Works


Lawnly only accepts quality lawn care companies who can provide proof of general liability insurance and maintain commercial grade equipment. Once your application is approved we start texting you with real, paying jobs nearby.

View Jobs

After logging into your account a job board will list everything currently available nearby. We include important details about a job (Pay, Location, Yard Size, Gate Size) so you can easily decide if the work makes sense for you.

Complete Work

Simply select a date of service and tap "accept job" to take the job. Then, use our Google Maps integration to navigate directly to the job site. Once you've finished upload a photo of the front and backyard to close out the job.

Get Paid

Getting paid is super easy and fast. Input your bank account details on your profile page and we'll automatically direct deposit the payments on a weekly basis. No more waiting on checks or cash from customers.

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